Whippets Present

Ariel GCH Longlesson Albelarm Born This Way - "Ariel"
Lincoln Ch Snow Hill Longlesson Cold Moon, FCh, SC - "Lincoln"
Tattershall No Tan Lines - "Austin" Ch Longlesson Tattershall No Tan Lines - "Austin"
Wildbriar Whimsical of Longlesson GCH Wildbriar Whimsical of Longlesson - "Kate"
Tattershall Flower Child Tattershall Flower Child SC, FCh - "Pansy"
Longlesson Legally Blonde Longlesson Legally Blonde JC - "Patrick"
Ch Longlesson Run for the Roses - "Briar" GCH Longlesson Run for the Roses JC, RN - "Briar"
Elysian Gucci Goo DC Elysian Gucci Goo FCh SC - "Gucci"
Ch Longlesson Elysian Victoria Ch Longlesson Elysian Victorian JC - "Victoria"
Willabe or Not to Be a Longlesson Willabe or Not to Be a Longlesson FCh - "Colin"
Longlesson Snowhill Gossip Girl Longlesson Snow Hill Gossip Girl SC, FCh - "Serena"
Longlesson Private Conversation FC Longlesson Private Conversation SC - "Cody"
Rumor Ch Snow Hill Rumor of Longlesson SC, FCh - "Rumor"
Ch Longlesson Travis Magee - "Travis" Ch Longlesson Travis Magee - "Travis"
Elysian Egg Creme - "Trixie" Elysian Egg Creme FCh, VFCh, SC - "Trixie"
Simon Longlesson As Good As It Gets CD, AX, AXJ - "Simon"
Ch Elysian Rave in Sporting Field - "Raven" Ch Elysian Rave in Sportingfield - "Raven"
  Ch Tattershalls Independence Day - "Hancock"
  Longlesson Lords a Leapin - "Lordy"